Pediatric Surgery

Pediatric Surgery Melbourne, FL

The prospect of surgery can be overwhelming to children who most often don’t know what to expect. At MSDS we understand the fear of the unknown and want to do whatever we can to make your child comfortable with our medical facility and the people who will be caring for them.  

Before Surgery:

  • We would be happy to offer you and your child a pre-operative tour of our facility Mondays through Friday in the afternoon. Just give us a call at 321.434.8548 between 8am and 4pm weekdays and let us know you’d like to stop by.
  • You and your child will have the opportunity to meet some of our staff, see the pre-operative and post-operative rooms, and situation permitting, the operating room.
  • We can explain what will take place in each area, and offer a chance for you and your child to ask questions. We hope this time will help your child see and understand what will take place the day of surgery and ease their minds.
  • See the section on “Pre-operative Instructions” for further Information

The Day of Surgery:

  • Both parents will be allowed to stay with the child in the pre-op area during admission and until he/she is taken in to the operating room. While the child is in surgery, we ask that a parent please remain in the building.
  • When surgery is finished, your doctor will speak with you. Your child will go to the Phase 1 recovery room. Be assured that the time spent in Phase 1 recovery will be as minimal as necessary and you will be back with your child as soon as possible. You are welcome to remain with him/her until discharge.
  • At time of discharge, you will be given verbal and written instructions on the care of your child at home.
  • See the section on “Post-operative Instructions” for further information.